About Author

Manish Patel, the man behind this beautiful page! He is the author of all the beautiful shayaris you get to read on this page called Emotional Shayari. He is a budding writer who has already paced up to achieve his goals in the very short span of time. Manish has always been curious about the usage of words and how they turn up to frame the phrases. Since a younger age he has been attracted towards writing and used to compile short sentences, later gaining knowledge about the professional pattern and the use of rhyming scheme, he leaned towards making shayaris of his own. After receiving appreciation from back home and the close friends manish thought of adopting it as a full time profession. He now writes down beautiful shayaris which are sure to touch the hearts of the readers and stir out all the emotions lying in there.

Manish, with this personal blog has committed to make his readers go through some of his best collection which are raw and specially written for his precious audience.   

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