About Us

Hi there! and welcome to my blog, Emotional Shayari.. Myself Manish Patel and this is my world of words. These are not mere only words, they are feelings put up in front of you.
 i have always been attracted to the usage of words and phrases and hence has my passion grown towards writing.
 i used to be a keen reader which made my thoughts pop up to frame my own writings. i started with short writings firstly as it becomes difficult synchronizing the words
 by the passing time, i understood the usage and started building longer phrases. that was when my passion took wings and i flew in the sky full of words.
 Shyaris have been an integral part of my life, it is infectious in nature, as anyone who indulges into it goes beyond the thought.
 There are many many indian poets and shayaras which have made a remarkable place in the history and are even now actively contributing their beautiful work.
 People who like to read are the ones who give motivation for writers like us to make more of such creation.
 Shayari have had a very fascinating history, which is ye contemporary in nature. With time it has evolved and has also experienced changes.
 It can be in the form of language or the rhyming scheme. Everything differs from each other. Even the minute difference counts. 
 Today i am starting my personal blog to put my words in front of you all. My forte is in describing beautiful feeling of love and affection.
 At this blog you would find a soulfull collection of shayaris(small poem type) and sher(small phrases) which are curated with heartfelt dedication.
 Shyaris have been so popular throughout the time, has ancient history attached. seen so many eras come and go but have not yet lost its charm.
 With the same motive to let shayaris be known to all across the globe and retain its allure, I am contributing my little part through this blog.
 My writings would be based on the true feelings coming out of heart, i'd try to be honest with the feels so that it reaches your heart and can make a connection.
 Because where a connection exists, there lies the urge of going through the same more and more often.
 Emotional Shayari is a blog which will be actively updated with new content for the readers to have a good time reading.
 There would be exclusive shayari, which are unexplored and raw. There will be some classic ones which we have read and are always in awe of reading them again.
 If you have read all this introduction, i am sure you would want to experience everything mentioned, if so, this is the right place to explore..
 Stay tuned, to feel the breeze of soothing words!! 

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